Mentoring for Creative Professionals

Like a baby, a creative project is its own being. Our creative endeavours – whether that’s a new business or a book- transform and enrich us in ways that are impossible to predict. I once heard iconic French filmmaker Leos Carax say that he only ever made a film if he knew it would change him. The possibility of rebirth afforded by the creative act was what motivated him.

Serving our creative potential is not just vital for us, it’s also what our crisis-ridden world needs the most. Dominated by a rational, linear narrative about what it means to be human, we have lost touch with the realm of the imagination. The creative pursuit puts us back in touch with everyday wonder. An idea appears, seemingly from nowhere (Think of JK Rowling sitting on a train visited by the image of Harry Potter) and from the formless world of the imagination, something begins to take shape in our hands. This is what the Ancient Greeks called a gift from the Muse.

My task is to resource and support you in this process by helping you first to clarify the story, the one that only you can tell. Then to set up structures that support your creative process, hone and give regular feedback, develop resources and help you stay accountable and on course so you succeed.

I work with people at all stages of the creative process, including scriptwriters and novelists, memoir writers, creative entrepreneurs, chefs, Youtube content developers and artists.

Upgrade Your Approach: Story Plus Tools

With a background as an international journalist and script development expert, I bring a keen sense of what makes a great story and a love of writing as craft. I support this with tools evolved in storytelling, systemic constellations and ritual to help navigate inevitable blocks and obstacles.

Some of what we can do together is:

Dig out the story. I support you to separate the wheat from the chaff. Together we find and hone the story that most wants to be told, that has resonance. This is both at the initial stages of a creative project and an ongoing process as you write, when it is easy to get lost in other threads.

Accountability. Regular meetings mean you are held within a structure with natural deadlines to keep you on track. I offer feedback on what you’ve developed and together we clarify future direction – this is often especially important mid-project, when energy can flag.

Meet the world with ease. The threshold of taking our beloved project into the world can be daunting. Some people delay this for years, while others rush through it with incomplete ideas. I support clients to navigate this stage with presence by identifying and aligning resources and allies.

Presenting or pitching your idea. Research shows that people respond to a well-told story. Whether you are pitching to potential investors or publishers, you need an effective, authentic story that conveys what you are doing and why it matters. There is a craft to this that I can teach you. Public speaking skills, using images as prompts, embodied voice work and using rhythm and beat are all aspects I support you with.


Please book a 20-minute free introductory session by phone or Zoom so we can establish whether we are a good fit. This is mainly to hear where you are in the creative process, what your expectations are and what mentoring would entail. I may suggest other practitioners if I feel that’s what’s needed.

The first session is 90 minutes, with subsequent bi-monthly follow-up sessions of 55 minutes.