With deepest thanks to all my teachers.

The International School of Storytelling

The first time I heard the word story-teller, I had just missed a plane. I stood at the ticket counter next to a woman fighting back tears. She was a musician due to perform at her first concert overseas. The ticket guy told us to run for it and hope for the best. Held up in line for customs, we chatted. In those five brief seconds she told me she was a cellist. Sometimes, she said, she performed with story-tellers. My ears pricked up. With whom? I asked. Story-tellers, she repeated.

I never made the plane. But when I got back home the next day, I searched online and found the International School of Storytelling at Emerson College. I signed up for the next course they had and never looked back.

Paul Matthews

Paul is a wonderful poet and a generous teacher. His books are great resources for anyone interested in language. 

Svagito Liebermeister

Svagito Liebermeister was part of a group of therapists who worked closely with Osho in the 1980s, forging new ground in terms of how meditation and spirituality might transform the therapeutic approach. He brings great depth and reverence for life to the field of family constellation pioneered by Bert Hellinger.

Daan van Kampenhout

I first encountered Daan through his books, Images of the Soul and Tears of the Ancestors. Daan has combined a background in shamanism with systemic constellation to develop a unique approach called Systemic Ritual. I have trained with him in this inspiring practice.

Also thanks to;

Vajracaksu Dharmachari, for first introducing me to meditation ( and S. N. Goenka, for the Vipassana teaching and retreats (

To Peru, its plant medicine ayahuasca and to Tote, Tunca and Elif ( generous friends and healers. 

My mother Claudia and father Turhan. My maternal grandmother Maryse for the stories, my grandfather Alan for his love of nature; my paternal grandmother Leman for her gentleness and my grandfather Bonzo for his wisdom.