Exploring the Masculine, the Feminine and Relationship Through A Sufi Tale

OCTOBER 19-21, 2018

Emerson College

At this time of great change, can an ancient folk tale help us navigate the landscape of our own hearts and lived experience?

How do we relate to the masculine and feminine in ourselves and around us? What is the connection we long for?

Love’s Garment is a rich storytelling exploration of how a Sufi tale can help us, as men and women, find ourselves and each other in healthy relationship.

Working with a rich and wondrous Moroccan folk tale, we will explore these themes through storytelling exercises, games, constellations, ritual and walks in nature. Join us on a journey to explore the masculine and the feminine principles and what love means in our own lives, surrounded by the glorious autumnal landscape of Emerson College.

Suitable for everyone. No storytelling experience required.

This course can be attended on its own or followed by Our Journey as Women and Men : The Story We Need to Tell Now, a 5-day biographical storytelling journey into these themes with a public performance at the end.

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“An anonymous story, yet your very own. Stepping into it invites the soul to resonate with what it has always known, thus reminding you of your essence.”
Aron Saltiel, Psychotherapist & Musician, Italy November 2017

Love’s Garment has been a deep and surprising adventure. It has managed to reach the hidden corners of my soul and personal challenges although the energy was kept light and playful. 
The space was held by experienced facilitators, Stella and Pelin, who made it easy for the whole group to trust them and just be led through the journey. I hope many others will have the privilege of living this enlightening experience.”
Giovanna Conforto, Storyteller and Teacher, Italy November 2017.