Gifts From Our Ancestors: Performing Family Tales

When Stella Kassimati and I first started offering Gifts from our Ancestors, a course on telling family tales, we had no idea what treasures would unfold. The stories that emerge have been so powerful and healing that we decided they needed to be taken out into the big wide world. These stories of where we come from are a rich resource of empathy and strength for us all today. We are now working towards a public performance in London on June 20th!
We are looking for a troupe of storytellers committed to performing their stories publicly. As with Gifts from our Ancestors, our invitation for this advanced course is in particular for family stories around loss, displacement, exile and making a new home with the goal of performing these powerful stories in places where they are most needed.
This weekend is an opportunity to hone a family story in preparation for sharing with wider public audiences. We will offer personal coaching and support you in whatever you need for the story to shine. It is a chance to do some intensive, tailored work on your storytelling skills and a safe space to practice the intimacy of sharing personal stories with an audience.
To join is you will need to either completed Gifts from our Ancestors OR to come with a family story of between 8-10 minutes.
Email with any questions. Limited to 12 participants only.