Mystery Tools & Creative Potential: New Series @ 42 Acres

Untangle and amplify your creative potential.

A series of 3 evenings  at 42 Acres Shoreditch with Pelin Turgut and Mark Mabon using the tools evolved in systemic constellations and shamanism, to help you better navigate these times of challenge and opportunity.

Each of us belong to multiple systems – ‘family’, ‘peers’, ‘interest groups’, ‘intimate passions’. Each system has its own loyalties and terms, and conflict or entanglement between them can block access to our own powers, and to natural flow. 

On each evening we will present powerful practices to which you can bring your own life-themes and challenges:

Do you feel alive and well? What is the state of your heart and how does that connect to your power and choices? Are you sufficiently resourced to move forward with creative endeavours in good ways? Expect movement in all of these areas.

Session 1: Wednesday May 9th: 7pm – 10pm

Session 2: Tuesday June 12th: 7pm – 10pm

Session 3: Wednesday 18th July: 7pm – 10pm

General: £35 per evening or £80 for all 3 booked together

To book your place, please email