Working Creatively with Archetypes and Landscape in Cinderella

This is a non-traditional, experiential session designed to allow participants to connect to the archetypes in the Cinderella story from the perspective of their own biographical background. It is a process that can help lift the story off the page and bring it to life by creating connections to the imaginative landscape of the fairytale, which exists in some form in many different cultures. The premise is that storytelling is primarily an oral tradition and that for fairytales to live, they must be kept alive by the culture. To do that asks that we enter into a felt relationship with the images of a story so that we can ‘inhabit’ it fully.

The workshop is held as part of:

All about Cinderella: retellings in the cultural imagination

Postgraduate Centre, Luton Campus

University of Bedfordshire

9th – 10th June 2017